The Time is a unit of Human’s life. 

It’s a human habit to spend the time, forgetting about its value and evanescence. The unique service Life Time 24 was created for people who understand the real meaning of the Time and its value! 

Using it you can give COURTESIES to your significant other or outsider. You can give them a second, a minute or an hour, expressing your attitude and get a happy smile instead of it. 

You can become more tender and careful immediately. Because the Time or attention are never too much in our life. Besides, the presented time is stored in your personal Bank of Time and you can use it as the currency for goods and services, and also give, exchange and gain your income depending on the level of the Time keeper. 

The Time keeper is a registered user, which has his Personal Bank of Time and any unit of Time in it. Since  this moment the Time keeper can make specific actions using his Time. Increasing  your level you should increase your time in Bank of Time (the used Time is also considered) and you can have additional privileges which improve the welfare of the Time Keeper. 

Whereby usage of this service gives the opportunity to understand value and unicity of the Time in your life, extend more courtesies to your significant others and use the Time as a unique gift currency in your real life.

The cost of 1 second = 1 dollar (anyone’s), 1 minute = 60 dollars (anyone’s), 1 hour = 3600 dollars (the Time  which is necessary to save up and which is accessible to the rich)