Life Time 24 service
The time has come when the exclusive and unique service in the world appeared. By usage of this service everyone can give another one an unusual gift from his heart, to give the most invaluable in his life!
The project urges to give your Time to another people, thereby expressing your feeling and paying attention to your significant other.
By usage Life Time 24 everyone can capture the attention of a definite person, having sent by e-mail a unique present. At the same time you will attract attention and show interest to yourself. The recipient of such an unusual gift won’t be able to stay indifferent to these courtesies, because you clear your schedule and give the Time from the heart. Moreover the given Time doesn’t go to waste, it’s stored in your Personal Bank of Time. Hereafter you can use the saved Time in virtual and real life!
Stay tuned!

One hour

Only those people who grudge nothing for their closest persons, even their Time of life, can present one hour of Time. Such people are not only mental and rich and generous, but they have an opportunity to buy, keep, save and increase their Time. Such people are acute and long –sited .and know how become richer financially, because one purpose of our project is to use Time in paying goods and services all over the world. This is Time of Time keepers with gradually increasing opportunities and prospect to become the only First Time keeper!
It’s Time to save!

One minute

Having given 1 minute of your Time to your significant other or a stranger, you make a contribution to assistance to needy people. It will be rendered by buying food, clothes, drugs, and other things necessary for normal life! Also money will be send to the funds of animals’ and environment protection. It’s time to save our planet!
The minute of kindness for everyone!

One second

Now everyone can give one second of his Time and pay attention to a loved one, who will be certainly glad to such a unique present.  And also you can draw attention of a stranger and it will be a reason for new romance. Unusual and elegant courtesy!