The question: Why should we give the Time?

The answer: Everyone likes to get presents, especially unusual ones. Giving your Time, you take an interest in another man and show your good vibes, it’s necessary for being happy. Also the Time is keeping in your Bank of Time and you can recharge it. You can use your saved Time in the real or virtual life.

The question: Can I earn money on this service?

The answer: Of course, you can. We created the power structure of the Time keepers which can make you richer. Stay tuned!

The question: For what can I spend my given Time?

The answer: Nowadays we engage in negotiations with salesmen of goods and services about using the Time all over the world.

Stay tuned!

The question: I was given the Time, what comes next?

The answer: It’s necessary to sign up, it provides the access to your Personal Bank of Time, where the given unit of time is stored. Since this moment you are the Time keeper and can use the given Time in accordance with your level and growth potential.

The question: What does it mean to give the Time?

The answer: Each moment of Human’s life is measured by the time, what belongs only to him, and he can use it and time it as he likes. In this case, paying attention to your significant other you use your private and irreversible Time. Attention in its turn is a nurturing relationship which demands the Time, your Time!